Dorfak Steel Complex was purchase in an area of 10 thousand hectares in Rasht Industrial Zone in 2017 in order to back up the raw material of Guilan Anahita Steel Company and it managed to gain the license from the Industry, Mine and Trade ministry at the same year. After the legal process, by the great endeavor and consistency two 30-ton induction furnaces were provided, installed and run within 2 years and unveiled in 2019. 350 young people from the country were directly employed and nearly 500 people were indirectly working with this complex. This complex provides roughly 80 % of the raw material of Guilan Anahita Steel company which is steel ingot. There is a new project under process in near future for the provision of raw materials.
Address:fourth avenue,Sanat 2 Blvd, Industrial Town, Rasht, Iran
Factory: +98-13 31 88 42 68