Nowadays successful organizations understand that in order to reach an extra competetive advantage and survive in economical complicated conditions, they need to have the best talents. In addition to perceive the need to attract, develop and preserve institutional talents, organizations consider these talents as one of the most important sources to reach the best results. Key talented stuff is the main players to perform continuous providing of quality products to consumers, preventing from the occurrence of previous failures and achieving to a profitable business.
Main factor of business prosperity is the presence of major talents which have new ideas. This objective will be attained only by a proper management of talented stuff. Therefore the following plans are designed and established withrespect to the position and importance of human forces in order to reach superier goals of the company:

• Accurate identification, attracting and recruitment, and proper decision making in order to stuff promotion.
• Defining competencies and complete professional profiles of stuff.
• Increasing organization and colleagues’ satisfaction, continuous improvement of integrated management system through process recognition, operation and control, and determining organizational goals.
• Developing organizational talents in order to improve performance and preparation for activities and desirable condition.
• Voluntarily cooperation of technicians and experts in order to increase the quality level of jobs.