Guilan Anahita Steel Company (Ltd) was registered on Rasht Organization of Deeds and Properties late in 1389 (Persian calendar) under the registration number of 16174 and was established by receiving permission from competent authorities on a piece of land measuring 20908 m2 by purchasing shares in regard to producing different types of rebar (from 8 to 32 mm) with the objective of employment and self-sufficiency in Steel industry. Operative activities were began during 1390 (Persian calendar) by receiving establishment permit from Guilan Organization of Industry, Mine and Trade, followed by technical studies and financial evaluations as well as purchasing industrial machines from reputable European companies at the beginning of 1391 (Persian calendar) and their installation by local technical experts. Finally, despite all the existing barriers such as recession and western countries’ sanctions, pilot production of this company was started late in 1392 (Persian calendar) after two years of work and cooperation of this idustrial complex involved practitioners. Therefore the company was permitted to receive exploitation license up to annual production capacity of 320 thausand tones in order to supply a part of country’s domestic demand and providing direct and indirect employment for 250 and 1300 people respectively. The official production was commenced on Shahrivar 1393 (Persian calendar) with the attendance of Minister of indusrty, mine and trade, Mr Nematzadeh and other provincial authorities.

Having specialists and skillful forces with respect to its educational and research capacity and establishment of new management and quality controling systems under the supervision of the honorable managing director, Guilan Anahita Steel Company is honored to be recognized as the industrial design of the year 1391. Also with receiving Iranian National Standard which is a proof for the quality of products, this company has the capacity to produce rebar according to ISIRI3132 standard.