Karafarinan Nasim Guilan Profile Company, with the authorization from the Industry and Mine of Guilan Province was uncovered in 2003 with the goal to manufacture pipe and profile but regarding the existing sanctions and unavailability of the raw materials is half-operating with less workforce and finally its production certificate is pending and it was considered as inactive until 2013 when it was equipped with the updated and new machineries by Guilan Anahita Steel Company shareholders and attempted to manufacture pipe and profile. Some of its products are as below:
1-Rectangle and square profile Cans
2-Scaffolding Steel Pips
3-Doors . Windows and Rim profile
4-Metal or French frameworks Profile
This company is at the service of the customers by the collection of 24 kinds of products.
Address: Ninth Avenue, Sanat 1 Blvd, Industrial Town, Rasht, Iran
Factory: +98- 13 31 88 42 68
Sales Office: +98- 13 31 88 27 17
Web Site: www.kng.ir
Telegram: KNG1399